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My dog rocks! But he’s slow and lazy. May 25, 2011

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Flash is a great dog to take pictures of…..if you don’t want a dog to move.  He’s a unique bagel hound, which is a cross between a beagle and basset hound.

The only thing, is that I can never get a shot of him laying on his belly.  Whenever I get close with the camera, he rolls on his back or his side.

Okay, I guess he moves occasionally…..for food.


Little Beauty in a sea of dandylions May 21, 2011

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What a beautiful May 24 weekend.  Our yard is yellow with dandylions, and Sierra spent the day picking bouquets for her “wedding”.

Here she is, the little beauty.


My Wedding Photography off season hobby: Cakes!! May 10, 2011

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I have a hobby that I love!!  Yes, photography, but also decorating cakes.

I’ve been busy with a few great cakes in the last few months, and thought I should share the pictures.

If you need a cake done, birthday, wedding, wedding cupcakes, cookie wedding favours – give me a call!

contact info at:

here is my castle on a cloud cake…….

More birthday cakes: a fire truck and the frog princess…

The little frog prince was very cute too!

Yes, I have been busy.

Here is a baby shower cake with a teddy bear popping out the gift box.

And my daughter’s 4th birthday cake:  Little Einsteins and Rocket!

From the same weekend, Uncle Greg’s birthday cake, modeled after his little bagel hound (beagle-bassett)


Chris from Settler’s Creek Piano Photoshoot April 17, 2011

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I recently had the change to do a photoshoot with Chris Eisen from Settler’s Creek with an antique piano that survived a boat trip to Canada from Scotland a couple generations ago.

I did a nice mix of colour, vintage and black and white.  I love the Beethoven-eqse intensity in some of the lower pictures (ear to the keyboard).

This is an extremely talented piano player, and it was very cool to have a photo shoot set to music!

Thanks Chris!

Check out their band website a


Winter time is off season, so here’s my little inspiration! February 8, 2011

Winter is not exactly wedding season (although I have done winter weddings, they are few and far between), so it’s my slow time of year until engagement pictures begin in the spring.

Winter doesn’t mean my camera sits and collects dust though.

So……I thought I would share a few of my favourite pictures from 2010 of my little muse, my princess daughter Sierra.


I love to bake, and dabble with cakes and cookie decorating, and Sierra is my most excited little helper.  She loves to like the batter after the work is all done.  Too bad she doesn’t like to help me clean up too.


Sierra helping mommy make chocolate cookies

Sierra helping mommy make chocolate cookies

This is my most recent cake BTW.



Here is another favourite of Sierra: playing peek a boo with the camera.


peek a boo


Sierra in mommy's sunglases

My Princess on grandma and grandpa's tire swing.

And the last one for today, although I have hundred’s more from last year that I love.  Any day is a great day for a great picture and memory!!

Sierra on the ride at the little Carnival in Myrtle Beach


A fun rural photoshoot: Chris & Ashley February 1, 2011

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I’m very new to blogging, so here I go.

Recently I did a fun family photoshoot for my brother’s girlfriend’s family, and had the chance to take some great pictures of the lovely couple as well.

This was at a great rural property south of Shelburne, north of Orangeville.  We walked the property, filled with picturesque hay fields, apple trees and beautifully flowering ragweed

(no sneezing).


I love this one, they were working very hard to keep their eyes open in the nicely setting sunlight.

Chris is an amazing piano player, and is part of the Settler’s Creek Band.

Chris and Ashely are the proud owners of two great poochies – Tank and Sadie, pictured above with the happy couple.a vintage feel to complete one of my favourite couples photos from this shoot.  I love the way the soft grass surrounds them.


Nina Murray Photography September 6, 2010

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