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Winter time is off season, so here’s my little inspiration! February 8, 2011

Winter is not exactly wedding season (although I have done winter weddings, they are few and far between), so it’s my slow time of year until engagement pictures begin in the spring.

Winter doesn’t mean my camera sits and collects dust though.

So……I thought I would share a few of my favourite pictures from 2010 of my little muse, my princess daughter Sierra.


I love to bake, and dabble with cakes and cookie decorating, and Sierra is my most excited little helper.  She loves to like the batter after the work is all done.  Too bad she doesn’t like to help me clean up too.


Sierra helping mommy make chocolate cookies

Sierra helping mommy make chocolate cookies

This is my most recent cake BTW.



Here is another favourite of Sierra: playing peek a boo with the camera.


peek a boo


Sierra in mommy's sunglases

My Princess on grandma and grandpa's tire swing.

And the last one for today, although I have hundred’s more from last year that I love.  Any day is a great day for a great picture and memory!!

Sierra on the ride at the little Carnival in Myrtle Beach


Nina Murray Photography September 6, 2010

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